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Facebook / Instagram
Automated Ad Form

Campaign Cost 
FB/IG Ad Spend = ADAM Service Fee
(Ex: $50 Ad Spend = $50 Service Fee)

Ad Spend & Schedule


Please select a date at least 5 business days, or more, from today

For an Additional USD $75, ADAM Performs a Priority Rush Where We Will Submit Your Ad Campaign Within 72 Hours From Order.

Campaign Objective

Facebook Pixel

Upon review of your Campaign Objective, ADAM will determine whether a Facebook Pixel is required and will discuss Pixel Installation (if applicable) during your pre-launch call.

Who Do You Want Your Ad To Target

Gender Targeting (Select All That Apply)

On What Platforms Should Your Ads Appear?

Placement Platforms (Select all that apply)

Ad Creative
This Is What Your Ad Will Look Like

You Can Choose Between An Image or Video For Your Ad Design.
Video Is Recommended.


Upload videos or images you want ADAM to use in your ad creative.

Aspect ratio infographic for facebook/meta and youtube videos

ADs Cannot Contain ANY Explicit Language or Content

Upload Your Ad Creatives

Upload Image
Upload Video

Upload Image
Upload Video
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