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ADAM 4 Artists is an advertising, development & marketing agency dedicated to musicians. In order to provide artists the full range of tools you need to succeed, we partner with other organizations and agencies to help YOU achieve maximum results! 

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DAO Records

DAOrecords is a Web3 Music project that is dedicated to empowering musicians and record labels to take control of their Web3 future and build the foundations of a new, decentralized music industry.

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Hall Up

We connect artists and studios predisposed to do remote sessions. Our sound engineers accompany artists in their recording process allowing them to focus on their music and reach the best out of their potential.

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NEAR Hub Online takes you on an immersive journey through the NEAR Ecosystem. Host your events Virtually. The perfect place to meet like minds. Learn about NEAR Protocol, DeFi, DAOs, Gaming, NFTs and more.

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Save time managing all of your social accounts in one panel. Buy SMM services such as Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Spotify and many more!

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DesignRush connects qualified brands with verified agencies for different projects such as digital marketing, graphic design, e‑commerce website design, software development, to name a few.

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