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ADAM Hubs Online is a highly accessible interactive solution developed to meet the unique needs of artists worldwide. Customized sites that match your unique brand identity on Mobile, VR & Computer.

Technological Products

Why Have A Hub?

  • Exciting New Way  To Connect Fans.

  • Perform & Share New Content Live.

  • Direct Interaction Without Borders.

  • Share Music Videos & Much More.

Why Use AHO?

  • We Are A 3D Website Expert.

  • We Make The Process Super Easy.

  • We Work With You Hand-In-Hand.

  • Hundreds of Satisfied Users.

What Do You Get?

  • Your Own Customized 3D Space.

  • Dedicated Email & Phone Support.

  • A Hub Optimized for VR, Mobile & PC.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee.

$999 Purchase (Includes Year 1 Hosting)

$120 Per Month (No Commitment)

$99 Per Month (12 Month Commitment)

  • What is ADAM 4 Artists, and how can it help me grow my brand and music?
    ADAM is your ultimate destination for all things related to music advertising, development, and marketing. We offer a variety of services including - digital, social media & billboard advertising, playlisting, press releases & blog articles, web development services and more - to help musicians gain exposure, grow their fanbase and earn money from their music!
  • Who can use ADAM 4 Artists?
    ADAM caters to artists, labels and music managers of all levels, who want to promote their brand & music and build a real and engaged fanbase.
  • I'm an artist/manager/label. How can I get started?
    To get in contact with ADAM, artists & managers can submit a "New Client Onboarding Form" here: Alternatively, we have a "Service Signup Form" on the service page for each solution we offer. You can also contact us via Chat, Email or use our Contact Form: Record Labels should send inquiries to
  • What can artists expect to gain from your services?
    At ADAM 4 Artists, our services are designed to help artists increase their visibility and grow their brand in a sustainable way. Our team of experts will work with each artist to develop a customized strategy that aligns with their specific goals and helps them achieve long-term success. We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that potentially expose musicians to millions of prospective fans and deliver measurable outcomes.
  • How long will it take me to see results on streams, social media and more?
    Generally, we see result immediately within the first 30 days of onboarding a new client. Some simple factors that impact the speed and size of results include: How much an artist invests (digital & billboard ads, influencer marketing, etc.) Artist's music quality Artist's music genre Artist's target demographics The longer we work with a client, the better the results we will ultimately achieve over time. As we gain intelligence from a client's existing campaigns, we provide our clients creative guidance, we retarget fans & create look-a-like audiences, we double-down on key actions that empirically deliver the best outcomes and more.
  • What services do you offer and what are their corresponding prices?
    To view our services & pricing, you may visit the individual service pages for each solution from the Site Menu (top of each page), from the Mission/Services Page or visit our Service/Pricing page here:
  • Does ADAM offer discounts? (Service Bundles)
    ADAM Service Bundles allow you to purchase multiple complimentary services with one simple Service Fee. By purchasing a Service Bundle, ADAM allows musicians to combine services that generate the best results for a specific purpose. Pick your Service Bundle based on your desired goal, whether thats promoting a New Single, releasing a New Song, focusing on Fan Growth or pushing for a Record Deal. To explore our Service Bundles click here:
  • What payment channels does ADAM 4 Artists accept?
    We provide multiple secure payment options including PayPal, CashApp, and Credit/Debit Card powered by Stripe.
  • How can we get in contact with ADAM?
    You may reach us through our Contact Form here: You can Live Chat with one of our representatives during business hours: (Mon - Sat 9:30am - 10pm EST; Sun 1pm - 6pm EST) You may also reach out to us through our Client Support Email:
Laptop and Headphone

Digital Advertising.

Deliver Effective Ad Campaigns To a Targeted Audience.

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