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3 Perfect Resources To Boost Your Music Growth

Check out 3 perfect resources that will help you build your music businessgrow fans and get your music heard!

  1. Artist & Manager Toolkit

  2. College Radio Contact List

  3. Music Blog Contact List

Artists & Manager Toolkit

The Artist Toolkit contains 70 important business documents musicians and artist managers need to excel in the music  industry. These include contract templates for managing:

  • Shows/touring

  • Recording

  • Marketing

  • Much more

ADAM 4 Artists Artist Toolkit producer making music dressed in  green and black
College Radio Station Contact List 3 People walking buy a radio sign in New York - Rockettes

College Radio Station Contact List

At ADAM 4 Artists, we understand the importance of getting your music heard. That's why we provide musicians with a contact list of 460 college radio stations where you can submit your music for free.

  • Phone Numbers

  • Emails

  • Websites

  • Contact Names

  • Song Submission Details

  • & Much More 

Music Blog
Contacts Lists 

Growing your  fanbase isn't only about streaming! You must  appear in articles, interviews and song reviews. That's why we provide musicians with contact lists of hundreds of music blogs where you can contact top music publications & grow your SEO.

  • Websites

  • Emails

  • Contact Names

  • Article Submission Details

  • & Much More 

ADAM 4 Artists Music Blog Contact List beautiful woman on laptop researching music blogs
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