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Introducing SoundSplash 2022

Original Article Written by DAO Records, Published in Medium. Shared by ADAM 4 Artists

The last time DAOrecords took to the Metaverse for an Audio NFT event series it was back in August of 2020 for The Popup Season 2, which featured 12 collaborations between emerging Musicians and Crypto Art creators minted as Audio NFTs on Mintbase.

It’s 2022 and we’re back! Introducing SoundSplash, a 12 week Metaverse Music Event Series that will launch our Alpha product, a new minting system called FonoRoot, built on NEAR. It’s been a while in the making and we’re really excited to unveil it together with a dope lineup of Artists & DJs.

Here’s The Scoop!

We will be featuring artists from Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, Australia, Singapore, USA, Trinidad & Tobago, Cambodia & South Africa. A truly global community of Musicians and DJs coming together!


We have partnered with some amazing projects in the ecosystem and will be featuring them each week! Part of what makes the Web3 community so amazing is the collaborative nature of the space!

From The Metaverse & Beyond Not to mention, We will be celebrating live across two virtual worlds! Our main DAOrecords HQ in Cryptovoxels & The DAOrecords Party Centre in Reality Chain’s 2Dverse!

A Micro-Token Economy

We’ve got some awesome stuff planned for our $SPLASH token. This is our way of ‘testing the waters’, so when it comes to issuing a token we decided to take an unorthodox approach with a focus on the micro-economy we’re creating through SoundSplash.

Stay tuned for a dedicated post about $SPLASH and how you can participate in our fundraising event we are doing in collaboration with Metapool!



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