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The Rare Vandal: A Cross-Chain Release

Original Article Written by Rare Vandal, Published in Medium. Shared by ADAM 4 Artists

Cross Chain 4 The Win

Fresh off my talk at Non Fungible Conference in Lisbon, where I premiered the Music Video for The Rare Vandal, it’s finally come time to make some waves for my latest experiment — A Cross-Chain Audio NFT Drop.

Having already explored drops on both ETH & NEAR it was high time to set sail and test the waters on a few other platforms, this was my thought going into this release as I had been dreaming of the day Audio NFTs could achieve the interoperability I desired. Since the day hasn’t come yet, I felt it was important to just give it a go and so I identified the platforms on the various chains and here they are!

The track is produced by Paul Crans and we brought in the talented Jaemy Choong to provide the visuals! One of the beauties of this project is that is was a collaboration between 3 DAOs, which you can read about in my previous articles starting here.




Coming Up Next... Scarce City on Bitcoin

Releap on Solana


Web3 Music Streaming

Like we’ve been doing for a while now, I’ll be using some awesome Web3 Music Streaming services for The Rare Vandal. You can get linked to them below!

Listen on Tamago

Listen on Emanate

Also featured on ROCKI & Audius


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