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Funding: Musicians... Platforms You Need To Know

Article By ADAM 4 Artists


beatBread is a platform intended to help musicians fund their projects.


Think of it as a neobank that issues loans specifically to musicians.


What makes beatBread unique is that artists pay back loans via streaming and airplay income. These terms are a big part of why the startup is trending: it allows artists to keep 100% ownership of their projects (masters, albums, solos, etc.).


Artists with as little as 10,000 monthly listeners can be eligible for funding through the platform.

What's next:

BeatBread is part of the Music FinTech meta trend. With the independent artist sector growing at more than 30% annually, music fintech is poised to play a larger and larger role in the space.

More music fintech startups include:

Opulous is a DeFi protocol for the music industry. The startup serves as an NFT launchpad for musicians that want to launch their NFTs. According to Them...

Opulous is the only platform to mint Music Fungible Tokens (MFTs). Unlike other tokens, MFTs offer buyers a share in the revenue of a single, EP, or album.


Emanate is a music streaming platform built on the blockchain. The startup pays artists for every stream. The startup has raised $50K in accelerator funding.

What would probably qualify as the longest Alpha phase in start-up history is finally coming to a close. In the 2 years since Alpha launch, the product itself has become much more than most Alpha versions and that is why we are excited to say that Beta (Emanate 2.0) is landing very soon. Let’s look at what are we achieved recently, including some features to be deployed in the next few weeks:

  • Over 10,000 user sign-ups at the end of July (nearly 2000 artists)

  • Mobile apps are ready to go (if you have a look you’ll find them, we will start promoting them next week)

  • ‘My Emanate’ for artist follows and track favoriting

  • Artists can create sharable Releases(Singles, EPs, albums)

  • Completion of Distro Pilot, moving into the full launch with Beta

  • Playlisting is nearly ready, expected in September

  • Achievement badges

  • SSO including discord integration

  • Organic referral rewards program

  • Artist stat

ANote Music connects investors to up-and-coming artists seeking funding for their projects. Anote Music has raised €1M over three funding rounds.

"ANote Music built the bridge between music creators and financial markets. Our user-friendly platform creates a WIN-WIN situation for both"

Good luck musicians!


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