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Musicians Are Being Punished for Fake Streams, How to Remain Safe

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At ADAM 4 Artists we think it is critically important that we educate our readers and clients, to ensure that you have the best opportunity to achieve musical success. With that said, the following article talks about penalties that artists are facing for fake streams...

In an ongoing effort to ensure the integrity of content on their platforms, many DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) are updating their review and education processes related to improper activity, and that includes artificial streaming. The measures being implemented vary by individual DSP, but are primarily aimed at disincentivizing artificial streaming, as well as imposing penalties on the responsible parties. The intention is to meaningfully deter bad actors that attempt to divert money from honest, hard-working artists like you. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Spotify’s new enforcement penalties and what it means for your content.

Musicians Are Being Punished for Fake Streams, How to Remain Safe

Enforcement Penalty Fees

Spotify is implementing a new policy where distributors like DistroKid and CD Baby will be charged an enforcement penalty per track when flagrant artificial streaming is detected on any content they distribute. That said, we anticipate other DSPs will follow Spotify’s lead and implement similar protocols to combat and disincentivize improper activity on their platforms too.

“How do I make sure this doesn’t happen to me?”

At the end of the day, DSPs want to be able to rely on the content distributors provide them, and in turn provide non-fraudulent content to the music lovers who consume it. They also want to ensure that legitimate, hardworking creators like you are compensated properly for your work, and that the bad actors who do engage in improper activity are not rewarded for their unfair actions that hurt your legitimate efforts as an artist.

On the other hand, one of the most problematic sources of this kind of fraudulent activity comes from unsuspecting clients through illegitimate music promotion services. The issue runs deeper than just buying streams. Even if you decide to work with a service that claims to be legitimate, they might be using the same illegal methods you’re trying to avoid. — That’s why you should always be extremely wary of third parties that promise you a specific number of streams in exchange for compensation. These services are using illegal bot farms and other methods of artificial streaming that can not only result in the potential removal of streams, but also loss of royalties and even complete removal of your catalog from streaming services.

The bottomline is – don’t put your music at risk!

Our streaming partners, like Spotify, work diligently to ensure streams on their platforms are legitimate, meaning they reflect genuine user listening intent so that the proper content providers are credited and compensated for their hard work. If a service finds that you directly (or indirectly through a third party hired by you or on your behalf) have boosted play counts through any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other invalid means (digital bots, “click farms”, etc.), the service has the right to remove the streams from play counts and royalties, and permanently remove your entire catalog, among other remedies available to DSPs.

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