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Research Shows That 80% of Artists On Spotify Have Less Than 50 Monthly Listeners

Data Taken From & posted in ADAM 4 Artists

How do the numbers of artists at different revenue levels compare to the total number of artists on Spotify? We estimate that there are around 200,000 professional or professionally aspiring recording acts globally. We see this in Spotify data:

  • Of the eight million people who have uploaded any music to Spotify, 5.4 million have published fewer than 10 songs all time — indicating that they may be very early in their journey, approaching music as a hobby, or not leveraging streaming as part of their career path.

  • There are 165,000 artists who have released at least ten songs all-time (meaning they have a body of work to earn from) and average at least 10,000 monthly listeners (meaning they have been able to attract the beginning of an audience).

We also see this through our integrations with Songkick, Ticketmaster, and dozens of other live and virtual ticketing partners:

  • 199,000 artists had any gig, live concert event, or virtual event listed at some point during 2019 (the last full year not impacted by pandemic cancellations), demonstrating professional activity outside streaming.

Based on these estimates, more than a quarter of these professionally aspiring artists generated more than $10,000 in payouts from Spotify alone last year (suggesting more than $40,000 in total recorded revenue, and more when you consider touring, merch, and other business lines).

*Fun Fact... 0.2% of artists on Spotify generate $50K+ a year in streaming revenue...


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