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100 Million Songs on Apple Music

Written by Alpha23

Independent music distribution continues to grow as the largest streaming platforms continue to dominate the landscape. Over the last month Apple Music and Spotify have both shared impressive milestones in their use growth. Meanwhile, platforms such as Deezer have seen their user growth lag, with the aforementioned losing 300,000 subs over the first half of 2022. The below comes from an email Apple Music sent to its users at the beginning of October.

Thanks to creators like you, Apple Music has crossed a new threshold: 100 million songs. In the seven years since its launch, Apple Music has been growing at whirlwind speed, with more than 20,000 artists delivering new songs each day. Now, nineteen years after iTunes launched with 200,000 songs, that number has grown exponentially.

It's you who has helped make Apple Music’s catalog one of the biggest and most diverse in existence. In 2021 alone, we received music in over 350 different languages and dialects. The Apple Music charts represent the power and diversity of global talent, with songs from Japan, Colombia, South Korea, Nigeria and South Africa reaching the top 20. It’s the passion of artists and music lovers like you that has made Apple Music a space where musical subcultures form and thrive, where people fall in love with music from across the globe, and where the musical worlds of everyday listeners can become wider, richer and more diverse.

As we continue to grow together, we’re committed to making Apple Music for Artists a uniquely valuable resource for all creators.


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