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DistroKid: 21 Free Services They Hope You'll Love

Original article posted by DistroKid

As content creators, both artistically and as marketers, ADAM intrinsically appreciates the challenge that artists have when it comes to being "found" by new fans, understanding analytics and simply "getting ahead". In an effort to promote their assets in this area, DistroKid recently sent an email to the artists that distribute on their platform.

The email highlights some of the music business, marketing & exposure tools that are available to their clients, largely free, that can help in these areas. We've reposted this for our ADAM readers/artists that distribute their music via DistroKid .

***The Info Below Is Not A Promotional Article. Simply Great Info to Share***

DistroKid is known for being the best way for musicians to get music into streaming services (and get 100% of earnings 💰).

But that’s just the start.

Today, we’re announcing 21 (and counting) services we’ve custom made for artists that we hope you love.

They are all free for DistroKid members.

To access everything, sign into DistroKid and click the “Goodies” menu at the top.

Some of these have been around for a while, some are new — but all are updated regularly, and more are launching all the time.

Promote Yourself

  • HyperFollow — One link to rule them all! HyperFollow is a free and easy way to make web pages that showcase your music, videos, social media links, and more.

  • Mini Videos — Free, short customized videos to post on social media.

  • Promo Cards — Dozens of free, instantly customized images you can use to promote your new releases online.

  • Upstream — Upstream is DistroKid’s optional (and free) matchmaking service that helps artists & record labels find each other. If you join and a label loves you, they’ll contact you directly. There’s no obligation to sign a record deal. Opting into Upstream does not take any rights, royalties or percentages from artists — and you can leave any time.

Get Heard Now

Special Access

  • Spotify for Artists Instant Access — Spotify for Artists helps artists get the most out of Spotify. Manage your artist profile, learn about your listeners, and share feedback with the Spotify team.

  • Apple Music for Artists Instant Access — Apple Music for Artists will help you better understand the impact of your music across Apple Music and iTunes. Identify music milestones and all-time bests. Find out who your listeners are and where they’re located. Upload your public artist image and bio.

  • YouTube Official Artist Channel (“OAC”) — Official Artist Channels are designed to help artists and their teams get the most out of YouTube. Upgrade your channel today to gain access to analytics and tools that will help you engage with millions of fans and better manage your presence on the platform.

  • Audiomack Connect — Connect to your Audiomack account and upload music directly from DistroKid.

  • Twitch — Apply for Twitch’s incubator program that helps artists grow and earn money directly from fans on Twitch.

  • Tidal Artist Payments — If a fan on TIDAL’s HiFi Plus tier loves you SO MUCH that you’re their most-listened-to artist, you’ll receive up to 10% of their subscriber fees. Learn more on Tidal’s website.

Enhance Your Music

  • Lyrics — Add your lyrics to streaming services & search engines. Once you have added plain lyrics, you can also add time-synced lyrics for Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music and more!

  • Credits & Liner Notes — Deliver credits for songwriters, producers, musicians, engineers, and more.

  • Dave — Dave is our automated A.I. bot who will analyze your music. Give him a try!

Helpful When Needed

  • Mapping Updates — Streaming services sometimes group artists together who have the same (or similar) names, or create a new artist page instead of using your existing page. Good news is, we built a thing to help out with this exact problem!

  • Spotify URI Looker Upper — Find your Spotify Artist/Album/Track URI

  • Apple ID Looker Upper — Grab your Apple Artist/Album/Track ID for any releases you have uploaded.

  • YouTube Allowlist — If you opted into YouTube Content ID but want to remove claims from any specific video(s), you can add to the Allowlist here.

Protect Your Music

  • DistroLock — Protect your music from unauthorized release.

  • Vault — Free, unlimited backups of everything you have ever uploaded to DistroKid. Includes audio files, artwork, UPC, ISRS(s) and more.

Thanks for reading!


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