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Blood Moon Rising 🌒

Original article submitted in by ADAM 4 Artists

DAOrecords & Nusantara Records gear up to release Blufyah’s new single “Blood Moon”, a song to call out the wickedness and wrong doings in the world. Working in collaboration with Victoria Music Award winning producer Jahwise, Blood Moon holds a serious message with a powerful delivery: We must stay on high alert and on guard, prepared to hunt down wickedness. A song crafted by the artist’s realizations about the negativity in our world, and how we live in today, he imagines evil doers as werewolves and vampires. The Blood Moon chant calls to people. “Babylon bridge is falling down” brings momentum to the delivery as Blufyah blesses the heavy bass rhythm with a vocally powerful performance.

This song emerged when Melbourne based, Brazil born producer Jahwise sent artist Blufyah a rhythm he had created. As a live bass player, Jahwise bring unique and melodic bass lines to his instrumentation, with hand selected live players to fill in the percussion and melodies.

Blufyah shares when he first heard the instrumental sent by Jahwise, he enjoyed the mysterious vibes and emotions that the instrumental evoked. The result is a 3 version release from Jahwise Productions on the original Roots Reggae recording as well as a Dub remix, and Portugal’s ALX remixing a jungle inspired track from Blufyah’s weighted vocals. Blood Moon is released by “Nusantara Records”, a SE Asian based publishing label with plans to have this track placed in media, TV and Netflix opportunities.

Meet The Artists


Blufyah is a singer, songwriter and producer, who has been blessed with a musical gift that is on a naturally elevated level. His development and love for music came at an early age when sound systems reigned and sound clashing was the musical environment that molded him. Reggae and Dancehall became his first musical love. Blufyah began composing and recording numerous songs, developing his writing and fine tuning his unforgettable vocal quality. In his musical explorations, this artist shows his versatility by composing in other genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Electronic Dance Music.

He has collaborated with Grammy award winning acts like Mykal Rose and Morgan Heritage and has also worked with notable acts such as I-Octane, Rayvon and Yami Bolo. gifted talent who has a very powerful spiritual belief in his purpose in music and when he arrives the entire world will bare witness and see why he is called “BLUFYAH” Worlds away, but on that planetary vibe is JahWise Productions. Born in Brazil and finding a home in Australia the talented producer is known for focusing on the core elements of the music. Bass & Drum. Not only is he the bassist for Crown Heights, he also holds it down on the production for Nusantara Records and is in constant elevation.


Brazilian born JahWise’s signature style incorporates the talent of live musicians with instrumentation which moves with the natural flow of the lyrics. This producer is attentive to the details of how his riddims are constructed, going beyond an instrumental loop with splashes of accented sound and echo’d elements for ambiance.

The final song is always mixed and mastered by some of the best engineers in the Reggae business, making the songs stand out with quality, authenticity and a deeply rooted vibration. From authentic Roots Reggae to World Music, Jahwise has shared a well composed and impactful collaborations with each new release.

Catch the interview at the live show to get a glimpse into this amazing collaboration.

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We’re bringing it back into the Metaverse for Week Six, but instead of our usual schedule we’re shaking things up a bit with a new time! You don’t want to miss it! Plus, we got Panadub from the UK dropping the chunes right after we premiere Blood Moon. See you there!

June 22nd 2022 10PM EST / 10AM KL & 12PM AU +1 (23rd)

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