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Come Home with SupaMojo

Original article submitted in by ADAM 4 Artists

It all begins at home…

Supa Mojo Takes Us Home

Hailing from small town Alor Setar, Kedah in the northern region of Malaysia, after graduating high school, Supa Mojo left to further her studies in Suzhou, China and later spent a few years working-holiday in the UK, before returning to Malaysia in 2010.

Along her growing years, the journey was paved on self-exploration in Hip Hop elements of breaking, graffiti and rapping. Throughout the past decade, she has been featured on various projects with local and international artists, collaborating on song- writing and performing at live shows, as well as participating in art projects and exhibition.

Home’ is done in a spoken word style that punctuates every word with meaning. Korean producer Dae Kim creates an other worldly soundtrack of quirky plucks and video game-like sounds. This soundtrack anticipates adventure, travel and movement. Skimming the English translation, I resonate with the imagery of the words, relating my own experiences leaving home, traveling the world for many years, before returning to the place of my birth to put down roots. To leave home and return to find that very little has changed, is both comforting and challenging.

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Similar to last week’s drop, we go live again in Kuala Lumpur with Week Six. This time in the awesome Dou Hauz in the heart of the city! Hosted by Vandal, the event will feature not only Home, but other songs from Supa Mojo’s latest project.

June 15th 2022 8AM EST / 2PM CET / 8PM KL

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