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St Oshun: Enjoying The "Spotlight"

Introducing St Oshun!

St Oshun is a pop group, whose music has real spice and attitude. Helmed by "Porsche" Carmon and Charles "C-Dub" Walker, it's easy to see how they've established a rapidly growing & devoted fanbase.

With a goal of reaching music lovers all over the globe, St Oshun’s plans to connect a tribe of millions of music lovers through feel-good vibes. These vibes come courtesy of relatable pop music, directly influenced by the classics. After visiting any of their live shows, music fan quickly appreciate how they've gained the confidence necessary to have such an aggressive mission statement. On Friday June 10th, the remix to their hot single "Spotlight" drops on all platforms.

Who Is St Oshun?

In 2020 the dance pop artist duo sold their home and moved to Hollywood, in the middle of COVID pandemic, to pursue their dream of becoming the hottest pop artist duo in the world. Within a year of moving to California, St Oshun released five singles. The single "Spotlight", boasting a video filmed at Michael Jackson’s mansion, reached #56 on Spotify’s Hot 100.

Both vocalists and instrumentalists, their music incorporates a mixture of energetic percussions and smooth sax melodies! Their pop-inspired sound is best described as - Dua Lipa with a healthy splash of The Weeknd - centered around catchy dance hooks and retro vibes.

What Drives Them?

St Oshun believes that music is more than entertainment. Music is "sound energy"... vibrations. Through their songs, they use these vibrations to create positive emotions of love & fun. This combination of vibes creates an energy that continues to manifests these feelings again and again. With that said, however, the duo does not shy away from heavier topics like struggle or pain, rather these concepts are used to empower the listener to become better versions of themselves! Something all great artists aspire to achieve.

What's Next?

As mentioned earlier, on Friday June 10th, the remix to their hot single "Spotlight" drops on all major platforms. Retaining the quality and catchiness of the original, this song version adds the amazing sounds of Rè Alissa to the mix, which given the reception to the original, will undoubtedly result in an explosive combination. After reading this, you should immediately connect with the single on your platform of choice here!

The prospects are bright for this duo. The music is dope and their vision is clear. To put it simply, this group is one to look out for well into the future! But don't take our word for it, check them out for yourself!


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