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Anuel AA Is One of the First Latin Rappers to Drop an NFT Collection

From the metaverse to the digital arts and even music, NFT collections have been disrupting the digital asset industry for a while now. The reason is obvious: artists have discovered a better and safer way to authenticate their creations and monetize their talent. An NFT collection is also a great way for artists to interact with their fans and for art lovers to get to know their idols. Now another name will be added to this list of NFT artists, and it is none other than the famous Puerto Rican MC rapper Anuel AA.

The young artist has created quite a buzz in the music industry with his unique sense of music and unusual take on the hip-hop genre. He has now geared up to take his creative talent to the next level by dropping his NFT collection in the summer of 2022. Unlike others in this space, Anuel AA does not believe in sticking to standards because he wants to create a class of his own. He has not limited his collection to the ownership rights of digital assets. His NFT collection will also include real-life experiences like exclusive access to limited edition merchandise, album release parties, studio visits, listening sessions, and much more. The NFT holders will get information about Anuel’s new music releases and future tours first.

Anuel is optimistic about this upcoming project, which he has tied to his non-profit. He feels that his NFT holders will find a sense of community while being associated with a charitable initiative. Five percent of the profits from every NFT will go to Anuel’s non-profit for the welfare of the future generation. Including so many exciting facets into an NFT collection is no cakewalk, so Anuel has created a team of NFT experts, marketing strategists, and artists who are well-seasoned to tread in this space.

The team behind Anuel’s upcoming NFT project includes his father, Mr. Jose Gazmey, Jofre Cruz of Entertainment Architects, Duquan Brown of Future Media, and Carrie Lyn of The Creative House. These veterans will guide the whole project to leverage all resources and ensure outstanding returns to future NFT holders of Anuel.

Anuel is currently a music sensation online, with a staggering 28 million followers on Instagram and over 21 million subscribers on YouTube. Starting his journey at the age of 14, Anuel has found his way to the top of the Latin music industry. He was signed to Maybach Music Group, the Latin division of American rapper Rick Ross’ music label. To date, Anuel has dropped three studio albums, and all of them topped Latin album charts. He was even ranked among Billboard’s top 100 artists.

Considering his popularity in the music scene and on digital platforms, his NFT collection might be the next market disruptor in the digital asset industry. Anuel’s project will likely pull more music enthusiasts into the NFT space. This will not only bring his fans closer to him but also help them create an income stream for themselves in the future. Looking at Anuel’s roadmap to success for his NFT collection, it will undoubtedly be a project to watch out for in 2022.


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