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Expanding The Multiverse

This week on SoundSplash we explore the Mantravine, where the sacred sounds twist and turn to flourish and provide us a path into the Multiverse.

Mantravine is a tribe of sonic alchemists mixing shamanic rhythms with world music, live instruments and psychedelic dance grooves. They evoke primal dancing with ancient mantras, electrifying guitar, global beats, funky horns, syncopated basslines and organic frequencies. Its psychedelic sound has reached audiences at festivals in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Germany, France, Japan, Australia and Singapore.

Multiverse features Muhammad Farhan (Trumpet) Isuru Wijesoma (Guitar) Eriko Murakami (Trombone) Rupak George (Ableton) Abhinav Tyagi (Artwork) Chill Sessions Records (Mastering) and appears on the Asama L

Now it’s time to dive into the Metaverse with the release of Multiverse at Week Three of SoundSplash!

Read more about our Splash Pass here as we do each week. Splash Passes are available up until 2 hours before the drop and give you access to the earliest Generation NFTs for only 5 $NEAR.

Community Partner:

We’re stoked to have join us as our Community Partner for Week Three of SoundSplash!

“For a freelancer, artist, community member, new project, or any other earner, own your funds at any moment. Don’t be deluded with payroll, all your finances become predictable and accessible. Withdraw funds at any moment without locks, penalties and fees.”

Visit their website to learn more!

Experience The Drop

Step into the Metaverse for all the action! We kick things off with an AMA with Vandal, an Interview with Rupak (Mantravine), song preview and an exclusive Matravine DJ Set!

May 18th 2022


Got an ETH wallet? Head to the DAOrecords HQ inside Cryptovoxels to experience the drop LIVE!

Got a NEAR wallet? Join us in RealityChain’s 2DVerse, where the mobile experience is the perfect solution!

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