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Respect The Architects

Original article submitted in by ADAM 4 Artists

SoundSplash has finally arrived with our Week One Audio NFT Drop that features Masia One, Janine Annice, Noyz134, JCB & ALX, who pay tribute to Hip Hop through a truly global collaboration.

Ladies & Gentlemen, do we have a treat for you! DAOrecords is proud to present the first of 12 weekly drops by paying respect to the architects with a bilingual boombap banger combining talented artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Portugal and the UK.

Architects of the Metaverse

It’s been 2 years since we did our first event in a Web3 Virtual space and during that time we’ve probably held 100+ Metaverse events. It’s allowed us to create unique experiences people around the world can participate in together, while showcasing some amazing artists. So, come and join us this 4th of May 2022 at 10AM EST /10PM KL for our 2nd anniversary celebration and official launch of SoundSplash!

Got an ETH wallet? Head to the DAOrecords HQ inside Cryptovoxels to experience the drop LIVE!

Got a NEAR wallet? Join us in RealityChain’s 2DVerse, where the mobile experience is the perfect solution!

Early Access = Splash Pass

Released each Thursday before the next drop!Today we announce the release of the Splash Pass for Week One, which is your ticket to the early generation Audio NFTs using our FonoRoot system being launched through SoundSplash. To learn more about it click here.

Limited to 31 editions, get your Splash Pass for Week One while they last!

Top right to bottom left: Vandal, Masia One, ALX, JCB, Janine Annice & Noyz134

Respect The Artists

Representing Canada/Singapore and living in Malaysia, Masia One kicks off Respect The Architects with her Far East Empress style and flow setting the stage for Klang’s own Noyz134, who proceeds to drop a barrage of bars in his native tongue Bahasa Melayu. Yes, this is how the story begins. Weaving her unforgettable vocals over the JCB produced beat, Janine Annice blesses this first SoundSplash drop with the vibes of a soulful oracle. Holding together the backend of this production, ALX adds his talents to the mix and master of the track, ensuring that the boom bap production hits as hard as the lyrics. More than enough reason to put this NFT in your collection.

Also showcasing his skills as a visual artist, Noyz134’s hand-drawn digital artwork for “Respect the Architects” shows a vision of the future, ominous with robotic sludge covered streets ridden with cameras ever watching. The artwork also hints at hope, with people teaming up in Web3 communities and a strong female figure in the forefront seemingly empowering her path through innovation. Look out for the Easter eggs throughout the image, with all collaborators names hidden throughout the piece, symbolic to the song’s message: Sometimes the pioneers and founders forging the path are not celebrated in the forefront. Even so, we are reminded to respect the architects.

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