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SoundSplash May Recap

A New Way To Experience Music NFTs

When we kicked off our SoundSplash Metaverse Music Event Series May 4th we knew the impact it would have on our growing ecosystem of Artists, and at the same time allow us to slowly release our Alpha and engage our various partners. This strategy is in line with our philosophy and 5 year plan for DAOrecords, which we will be sharing this September!

A great article about SoundSplash was published in Crypto Daily. Read it here


Four Weeks x Four Drops

Over the course of May, June & July we have planned out exclusive SoundSplash NFT drops for our participating artists, with an announcement outlining the monthly schedule. Here’s what May looked like!

Week One: Respect The Architects

Read all about the drop here Purchase the NFT here

Week Two: Put It On Me

Read all about the drop here Purchase the NFT here

Week Three: Multiverse

Read all about the drop here Purchase the NFT here

Week Four: Watch Your Mouth

Read all about the drop here Purchase the NFT here


In addition to each drop we featured an AMA Twitter Space with the artists and our weekly Community Partners for the month.

Week One: NxM

Week One AMA: Listen Here

Week Two: C1

Week Two AMA: Listen Here

Week Three: Roketo

Unfortunately we don’t have a recording due to a technical error.Week Four: Tamago

Week Four AMA: Listen Here

Week Four AMA: Listen Here

More Marketing Support:

Featured in Near Blog

Alongside features from Near Insider, we also had a featured AMA with Near Dailythat got a nice amount of support [Listen to the recording here] plus a feature with Near University.

We also worked closely with A4A to help further our promotion with blog servicing to Hip Hop Since 1987, Art Society & Me + The Hype Magazine


Metaverse Activity

As we have been hosting our SoundSplash events in both Cryptovoxels and Reality Chain, we’d like to share our activity (only data from CV is available) with you below.


It’s fair to say that our first month of SoundSplash drop events have been a success. To be honest, we didn’t have a whole lot of expectations coming into it other than making sure that on the backend we were able to get our smart contracts and minting dashboard ready for internal use and that we could deliver on the frontend for each drop. Featuring artists from across the globe, with interviews (posting soon!) and running live broadcasts we just wanted to get the whole flow down and continue to fine tune things every week.

See you June 8th for Week Five!

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