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CEO Adam Kelman Relaunches Events Recruitment Agency: Running Youths

Press Release Written By Ayee For ADAM 4 Artists & Distributed to Hundreds of Online News Publications

Running Youths is an agency that specializes in recruiting workers for festivals and events and was established in Pelt, Belgium. CEO Adam Kelman is ready to kickstart this exciting new venture right after the storm of the pandemic. Kelman is a firm believer that it is important to have multiple streams of income as he is also CEO of 5Star Dynasty Visions, a successful artist marketing agency, also located in Belgium.

The steady decline of new CoVID-19 cases in Europe and around the world has seen a major shift in the economy and mass consumer behavior. Businesses are starting to thrive again and public events are slowly settling back into the norm. With this new change, Running Youths' future is looking bright, and is ready to be of service in today's hottest festivals and events in Belgium and the Netherlands.

As it re-enters the scene, Running Youths will be partnering with "Grote Feesten'' one of the biggest recruitment agencies for events in the Netherlands. Thanks to its prime geographical location, Running Youths boasts an already large network of clients, with an impressive lineup of past successful events such as Buttonpop, Dockyard, Latin Village, Festival WKND Zoetemeer, Chateau Techno Resurrection and many more.

Running Youths is now opening spots for young applicants that are eager to work in bartending, cashier handling, wardrobe, ticket service, and setting up and dismantling of the events. Events will be held indoor and outdoor, with guest headcount varying anywhere from 200 to 50,000 people.

This is an exciting opportunity for young aspirants who have a passion for events management, and would like to work with a successful agency that inherently values the hard work of its employees. Running Youths heavily advocates for the youth's financial freedom: allowing them to work in a fun environment that simultaneously enables them to invest in their own dreams and career paths. This is why Running Youth's employees are paid above minimum wage, which is one of the reasons for its previous success prior to the pandemic.

Running Youths also employs brand ambassadors who serve as proxies of the manager. They make sure that everything is running smoothly on the work floor, and is also the face of Running Youths.

At present, Rodienchelo Gijsbertha serves as the male brand ambassador for Running Youths. Female applicants are invited to apply for this role, for which the main task will be to manage the female workforce who need guidance on the work floor.

Running Youths is excited to foster new relationships as they re-launch back into the events scene. CEO Adam Kelman recently stated, "We are hoping, just like before the pandemic, to have a strong big club of happy workers to make the time of the party people/goers a memorable one."


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