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Miguel Enrique Coats: Who is He?

Original Article Written By ADAM 4 Artists & Posted In Hype Magazine

The moment that Adam Kelman, CEO of Supreme Record Label & 5Star Dynasty Visions, came across the Instagram page of Miguel Enrique Coats and his music, he made a choice governed by faith. Adam was so impressed by the sound of Miguel’s voice, and power of his performance, that he immediately hopped in his inbox and asked him to collaborate on a project.

Who Exactly Is Miguel Enrique Coats?

Miguel, better known artistically as The Melodico, was born in the province of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 1998. At the age of 5 years old, the singer’s family decided to take him to live in a province of the Dominican Republic called Samanà. After several years of living in Samana, the singer discovered that he loved music. While in school, he would often sing romantic songs, which gained him notoriety for his melodic voice, which, consequently, is how he earned the artistic name The Melodico.

At 17 years of age he recorded his first song titled, “Que te ise”. This song increased his popularity locally and made him the taste of his province. Subsequently, opening the doors for collaboration with a popular artist from his same Samana province.

The Melodico’s dream has always been to become a great artist and so far 2022 has been the best year of the artist’s career. He released a single titled “Amor de Redes” that reached 102,800 streams on Spotify and 34,000 views on YouTube in three months. And then with his next release “Traicion Y Calle”, he generated his best results to date; in one month reaching 91,000 Spotify streams and 87,500 YouTube views.

By becoming the largest artist in the province of Samana, and thanks to the success of “Betrayal and Street”, The Melodico (as mentioned earlier) was contacted by Adam Kelman, the founder of Supreme Record Label. In just a few short weeks they formed a bond built on mutual love and respect. This bond was strong enough for them to reach an understanding and sign an agreement to work on a project together titled “Buena Vida”. Based on its good rhythm, great lyrics and strong message, both parties have bet heavily on this project.

The Melodico’s Favorite Quote Is “OTROLEVEL”!

Not a day passes without The Melodico emailing and thanking Adam Kelman for what he has done for him and his family. Adam places great value on The Melodico’s show of gratitude and respect, something that reminds him of old school “guy code of honor”.

To work with a person who, in his eyes, is a major artist in the making; albeit one who lives on the other side of the world, is the definition of making a decision based on feelings and faith. But these decisions are validated by knowing that The Melodico travels six hours to the studio in order to record with one of the island’s top producers, La Nota Produce and has also formed a relationship with one of the island’s best visual creators, Peluca Film.

Perhaps, however, the strongest motivation for Adam Kelman comes from being included in every creative step that The Melodico takes. Something that has given Adam the confidence needed to put forth 100% of the funds and launch the first video for their upcoming project under the banner of Supreme Record Label. Because as Adam Kelman is quick to remind people, “At Supreme Record Label, we don’t swim with the sharks. We fly above eagles.”


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