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It Starts With A Dream: How CEO Adam Kelman Created 5Star Dynasty Visions to Honor His Late Father

Press Release Written By Ayee For ADAM 4 Artists & Distributed to Hundreds of Online News Publications

If you can dream it, you can do it. Today’s booming music and entertainment industry is cutthroat and one of the most competitive fields to be in. While it may not seem like the easiest road to success, countless hopeful dreamers around the world continue to try their hand. It is among these dreamers that a selected few, rise to the top.

New to the scene and already buzzing with amazing talent is 5Star Dynasty Visions, a marketing company that aims to promote and manage the platforms of artists, models, and entrepreneurs on a global scale. Founder Adam EM Kelman started the company in 2020, in the hopes of creating something big that would remind him of his roots and make his late father proud.

In the early 2000’s, Adam was fresh off his 20’s. Having grown up close to his father who was and still remains to be one of his biggest inspirations, he was hopeful for the future and wanted to start a company alongside him, under his guidance. A few years later in an unfortunate turn of events, his father had a stroke and passed away.

At 35, Adam put together his first event - a birthday party in a small cafe. He recognized potential in the business of events management, and eventually ended up managing events in one of the biggest nightclubs in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He knew he wanted to do something bigger, yet wasn’t sure how yet. 2 years into the business, he got recruited to manage events for one of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands. From there, Adam realized he could hire more workers under his wing, and started his own team, eventually working alongside the boss. Years in the business opened up new connections and opportunities in the music industry. It was then that Adam decided to start his own marketing and promotions company, 5Star Dynasty Visions and later on his own label, Supreme Record Label.

Amidst the pandemic, Adam continued with hard work and dedication, to build on his dream and that of his late father’s. He made connections outside of Europe, particularly one from USA that would give him an opportunity to tap into the music industry on a global scale. After just one year since its launch, Supreme Record Label gathered 500K streams promoted by 5Star Dynasty Visions, and represents talented artists from around the world.


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