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Spotify: 50% of Streams are From 3rd Party Playlists!!

In this article ADAM 4 Artists looks at the jewel in Spotify's streaming crown, 3rd party (user generated) playlists and how 50% of Streams are From 3rd Party Playlists!!

Spotify playlists are helping it win

The UK’s CMA recently published their final report on the wider streaming industrial complex. Much of it will put you to sleep.

However, one important finding caught our eye.

According to the report, over “over 50% of all plays on Spotify were from user-created playlists. And another 10–20% were not from playlists at all; i.e. users seeking out music manually via search etc.” [1]

A stunning admission.

percentage of streams generated by platform categories

From the onset, we’ve argued that user-curated playlists are an integral part of Spotify’s DNA. User curated playlists (also referred to as listener playlists) are what gives Spotify an asymmetric advantage over competitors like Apple Music and Amazon, and the data supports this view.

Editorial only accounts for 5–10% of total streams while "algotorial" playlists (which many editorial playlists have turned into) only account for 10–20%.

The power of listener playlists remains unmatched.

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