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Artist Merchandise: Amazon’s New Program

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Amazon recently announced a brand new merch program for artists! In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know.

Amazon’s New Merch Program

Let’s dive in…

If you’ve got merch to sell, Amazon Music for Artists has everything you need to get started with getting it featured on Amazon. With it, artists get everything from in-the-moment, on-demand merch printing and fulfillment to a straight store interface.

To help you out, artist teams can now get expedited approval to Amazon’s print-on-demand service through their Amazon Music for Artists account. Once your first designs go live, they’ll help you connect your merch to your Amazon Music profile.

What’re your options?

  • Print On Demand: You upload custom merchandise designs for your artist, band, or show, and Amazon takes care of the rest. There’s zero investment required, and once your designs are approved they can be on the site within a day.

  • Fulfillment By Amazon: You ship items to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and Amazon manages all post-sale operations.

  • Self-Fulfillment: You manage all post-sale operations, including inventory, shipping, customer service, and returns.

Ready to get started?

To sell merch on Amazon, you have to start by signing up to Seller Central. It’s your home for all of your merch operations. You can see your inventory, adjust prices, and market your goods to fans.

Start by making an Amazon Seller account for each country you want to sell in. You’ll need to have your business and tax info handy and complete an online tax interview. You may be asked for other documents – like a photocopy of your license, passport, and/or banking or credit card statement – to verify your account.

To get started, head to the Amazon Seller Central site, click on “Sign up”, and follow the prompts.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how to get started, seller details and more, check out their official announcement right here.


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