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Virtual & Augmented Reality: How Apple Will Change The Game For Musicians

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Artist Render Of Apple AR/VR Headset

With Apple finally wading into the murky waters of the Virtual & Augmented Reality space, can we expect to see an iPhone level revolution in the way that humans consume content? Better yet, let's view this entire space through the lens of musicians (forgive the bad pun). Because if history is to be trusted, the upcoming Apple virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headset has the potential to revolutionize the way musicians promote & share music and the ways that fans consume music... forever.

What Makes VR So Special?

One of the most exciting possibilities of this technology, for musicians, is the ability to create immersive, interactive music experiences for fans. With VR, musicians will transport fans into a digital concert venue, allowing them to feel like they're front row at one of their shows. With AR, artists will overlay digital elements onto the real world, such as a virtual concert stage that appears in a park or public square. These experiences will not only be memorable for fans but they will also set those musicians apart, as an artist who is embracing cutting-edge technology to connect with their audience.

Black woman wearing Apple AR/VR headset

Another benefit of the Apple VR/AR headset is the ability to create interactive music videos. With VR, a singer will create a fully-realized digital world for her music video that allows fans to explore and interact with the environment. With AR, she will project her music video onto the real world, allowing fans to watch the video in new and unique ways. These types of interactive experiences are more engaging for fans and can help increase the reach and impact of your music video.

In addition, the VR/AR headset will also be used for music production and creation. An artist will use VR to visualize soundscapes and manipulate sounds in a more intuitive way. AR could allow musicians to overlay digital instruments on the real world, making it easier to compose and record music in a variety of settings.

Overall, the upcoming Apple VR/AR headset has the potential to provide musicians with new and exciting ways to promote and share their music. Whether it's creating immersive concert experiences, interactive music videos, or new music production tools, this technology has the power to change the way musicians connect with their fans and create new and exciting music.

Additionally, unlike the current crop of VR devices, Apple will be able to natively leverage their massive existing user base. Sure, Sony has PlayStation and Meta has PC, but neither of these platforms is mobile; therefore, they simply can't exist outside the four walls of your chosen, in-the-moment, location. We live in a mobile world. The key benefit of Apples upcoming solution is simply iPhone. The VR/AR pioneers using today's tools, will be tomorrow's OGs; bending genres by combining music, video & gaming into entirely new mediums of content. An entertainment convergence like we've never seen before.

As a musician, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and trends in the industry, and the Apple VR/AR headset is definitely worth keeping an eye on. It's a great opportunity for you to stand out among other musicians, and offer your fans an unique experience.

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